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The experimenter then left the room for 10 minutes.

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A possibility is that embryos from the first male to fertilize the female simply get biggest first, devouring their littermates.

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Cholesterol usually comes from foods like ice cream, steak, and other animal products.

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Fat-free and low-fat milk products are great.

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The team then used DNA analysis to determine paternity.

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Shark mating involves violent biting, so intrauterine cannibalism may allow females to avoid resisting and avoid being "too choosy" about mating, while still ensuring that a high-quality male sires her offspring, Gelsleicther said.

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The world may never know.

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More recent work has evaluated controlling feeding practices that are particularly restrictive.

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Several adults were present to ensure that foods were not shared among girls, that dropped food was recorded and replaced, and that food-related discussion was avoided.

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The child was told that she could play with the toys or eat any of the foods while the experimenter did some work in the adjacent room.

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