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That wacky doctor character, Harry Reems, actually seemed to have some acting talent.

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But anyone who entered the porn business in those days—especially if they wanted to show Deep Throat—had to deal with the Perainos, for better or worse.

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Be close enough to benefit from the business at hand, but not so close as to become enmeshed in something dangerous.

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An hour later Goldman called again and his voice sounded giddy.

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When my father awoke that morning, a hard wind was blowing in from the north and the wind chill was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Unfortunately these seem to be the exception, rather than the rule.

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He persisted.

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Those same parents are unlikely to be thrilled if their teen or pre-teen returns from the mall with a lipstick called Sex Machine.

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They were unpredictable and arbitrary in the way they made decisions.

As my mother remembers it, he looked wild-eyed and disheveled, like someone had ransacked his suit into a wrinkled mess.

Fortunately for my father, Bobby was very likeable.

My father would stand behind her with the flowers until she turned around.

The crowd outside the theater was unbelievable.

Aligning too closely with the Perainos would be a bad idea.

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