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Quite justified most of the time, since many characters are practicing martial arts favoring this.

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Sure, she almost never leaves the house, but

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Including when it makes no sense at all, like while crossing in a mountainous area filled with snow.

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There were quite a few shots of feet in Liloand Stitchnot surprising given that the movie is set in Hawaii.

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Nonetheless, the whole series is a foot-fetishist heaven.


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Rave MasterFairy Tail and any other series by Hiro Mashima is likely to have a lot of this with most female characters.

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She talks to people by talking to their feet, can apparently read emotions through feet, and provides the Bigfoot humongous mecha with a pair of Nike brand humongous sneakers.

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The female statues of the Archaic period korai-type "girls" also take care to show the statue's sandalled feet.

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In a parody of Cinderella, this rich or so it seems owner of a private island summons girls to his beach for a grand gala where they have to step forcefully on the back of his head with their bare feet.

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In the Australian produced animated movie Dot and the Kangaroo, Dot was perpetually barefoot throughout the entire movie and all of the Dot movies, in factand a closeup of her bare feet was shown in at least one scene.

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