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When the deed was done, I felt tremendous relief.

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They began a romance when she was 18 — and he was

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However the book, with which he co-operated, says he lost his virginity at 17 to Debbie Spears, his first serious girlfriend, whom he fell in love with.

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I mean, in upstate New York there's really nothing to do up there but experiment.

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Arklie later recalled making love on a train from Basingstoke to London and getting so carried away they failed to notice the train had pulled into a station, Interview lost virginity.

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The whole thing lasted two seconds.

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The survey is nationally representative of girls and women in the US between the ages of 15 and

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Basically, I got pressured into having sex.

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June, in an ice-blue diaphanous dressing gown, came over to join me.


I wasn't ready.

They began a romance when she was 18 — and he was

So I wanted to be really careful that he was going to be in love with me and wasn't just going to leave me.

I mean I was ready!

These celebs shatter that notion by opening up about their first time, and if I'm being honest here, some Interview lost virginity these quotes will make you feel better about your first time, no matter how awkward it was.

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