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Within the first week though the collective sigh was gone and almost everyone skipped when Derek taught for his one day a week.

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She first sent a mass text message to everyone in her first period junior English class that had the last passage of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the first novel they would be reading in class that semester, Teen wolf hot teacher.

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When Scott assured her that he had plans to do much better in school this year before he left, she seemed amused by his enthusiasm.

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Derek had just smirked, shaking his head before looking back at Professor Hart.

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These were the last moments to try and come up with a way to keep Derek in his life.

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These were of course plans.

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He walked back to the desk where he sat each Monday and Wednesday.

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It had been pretty hard not to zone out when Derek started his first lecture, with his monotone voice and bored expression, but if Stiles actually listened to what he was saying he found himself interested.

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Jennifer argued that it was a good thing by referencing classic literature where the characters "used a Teen wolf hot teacher death to their advantage," such as Les Miserables, Teen wolf hot teacher, Tale of Two Cities, and Romeo and Juliet, and when Derek insisted that the pack s needed to know the truth, Jennifer reminded him of the fact that the extent of his injuries basically made him "one giant open wound" and added that she wasn't entirely sure Derek wasn't dead, which exasperated Derek.

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That sentence was filled with the most emotion Stiles had ever heard Derek voice before.

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These were of course plans.

Everything from his dark hair to his stubble to his perfectly muscled body to his stupid glasses to his beyond stupid vests he wore every class were perfection.

They were both giggling, arms wrapped around each other as they stumbled into the room, mouths attacking in an almost playful way.

He felt so embarrassed and stupid.

The bodies of Teen wolf hot teacher two victims, as well as Heather's body, were found by the police and Lydia Martinrespectively, which led Stiles Stilinski to realize that someone was performing human sacrifices of virgins using the "three-fold death," which involved bashing in the victim's head, strangling them, and slitting their throat.

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