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Sex and humoristic comics Sex and humor don't mix too well in real life, but in comics they provide a complete genre, which allows readers to secretly snigger at sexually explixit scenes without risk of being associated with the perversity that accompanies hard core pornography, Comic erotic links.

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This goes to show that what is considered titillating in one culture, may be viewed as criminal in another.

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StantonEneg and Willie in his book 'The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline' have brought this genre to artistic heights.

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Sold in multiple languages, six different countries, and out of print in the UK and US, this successful volume returns, updated and in paperback for the first time.

An overview of eroticism and adult pornography in comics

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Themes like bondage and sex between underaged youth are not considered taboo.

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Also has links to other similatly nsfw comics.

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Fantagraphics and their erotic comics.

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