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Do you alter uploaded images?

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Gravatar is a wonderful service that lets you use a consistent, recognizable image for yourself across many different services and sites.

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See the Terms of Service regarding prohibited content.

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So from now on, anyone who wants a custom picture can simply upload one from their computer or the web.

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Are my images private?

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If you just want a link to an image:

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We have used Gravatar to let you manage your profile picture since roughly six to eight weeks before Stack Overflow entered beta.

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Use the link tool to make a regular link to the image Prepend the link with an exclamation point:

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How do I report an image abusing the Terms of Service? information and statistics

Send a removal request with the URL for each image that you want to report and a valid reason explaining why it should be deleted.

If you decide to switch back to your Gravatar, you can do that at any time:

Keep it private or share it with the world!

Even when pasting a URL from the web, the image will be copied to the Stack Exchange Imgur account, and hence will stay even if the original image link is broken.

Also, this is necessary if your image is from an HTTP source, as such images cannot be embedded for security reasons see above.

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