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Thus, in species where only females provide parental care, mothers who teach daughters should, all else equal, have greater inclusive fitness than mothers who teach sons.

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This might be because females need more energy to birth and wean offspring Mann et al.

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In teaching, as opposed to purely observational learning, the teacher modifies its behavior to better transmit information to the target.

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Previous theoretical modeling suggests that uniparentally transmitted cultural traits can only be maintained in a population if the trait has a sufficiently high reproductive benefit or if the trait is independently innovated with sufficient frequency Enquist et al.

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In the following model descriptions, I assume that uniparental care is provided by females and cultural traits are transmitted only through mothers by teaching or observational learning.

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The reason for sex-biased transmission is a puzzle because many of the transmitted behaviors would be beneficial to both sexes.


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The former mechanism seems important in maintaining sponging behaviors in the Shark Bay dolphin population Kopps and Sherwin as it seems to be transmitted primarily from mothers to offspring.

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